At Falcon Smelters we continually strive to achieve the highest standards in Safety, Health, Environmental impact and Quality at all times.

The company has built a reputation for supplying the automotive industry with top quality alloys of the highest safety critical standards for more than three decades.


We are an ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001-2015 certified organisation, a SOLAS / SAMSA accredited shipper, and we comply with the RoHS directives.




The company has an on-site laboratory which enables real time quality monitoring and final product quality assurance.

Our analytical equipment consists of the latest spectrographic instruments supplied by a leading analytical company. 


Research and development is essential to Falcon Smelters. We continu­ously invest in the development of new methods and cutting-edge technology to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and environmental sustainability of our products. Through R&D we also aim to achieve greater cost efficiency and precision throughout our operations.

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