with over 30 years EXPERIENCE



Falcon has always regarded its human capital as one of the company’s most important resources.


With a focus on developing people and their skills, the company follows a structured training and development plan allowing for experiential, as well as theoretical training provided by outsourced training facilitators.


Falcon’s senior management team is made up of highly skilled and experienced directors who have dedicated their entire working lives to the aluminium and foundry industries.


Philip Vosloo
Founding Member and Director of Falcon Smelters (Pty) Ltd.

Philip has been a director at Falcon since the company was established in 1987.

He is results driven and possesses a skill for developing sales. Combined with his passion for the scrap recycling and smelting industry, he soon established a valuable international client base, being the only company in South Africa capable of producing aluminium wheel alloy and supplying the largest wheel rim manufacturers worldwide, as well as exporting critical alloys to the Far East.

As well as being a director at Falcon, Philip has continued to broaden his skills and has established himself as a consultant in the scrap metals recycling industry,  contributing immensely to new processes and development of new markets.

His growing reputation, expertise and innovative methods for waste stream management have also attracted business in the demolition and salvage market.


With his ambitious and competitive nature, coupled with decades of accumulated knowledge and experience, Philip is well placed to lead the company into the future, ensuring growth and longevity of Falcon Smelters as a leading player in the industry.

William Pieterse
William is a Works Manager at Falcon Smelters (Pty) Ltd.

William has been with Falcon Smelters for 22 years, making a valuable contribution to the company during this time. He completed his Bachelors Degree in 1997 followed by a certificate in Metallurgical Engineering.

His passion for the aluminium alloy industry has seen his career evolve to cover several areas of expertise in the industry including Human Resources Management, SHEQ system development, Process Control, Production and Operations Management.

Using his in-depth knowledge, numerous qualifications and experience, William formulated the systems against which Falcon Smelters quality is measured and certified (ISO), thus providing the foundation for Falcon Smelters’ success in the industry. 


Combining his strong background in human resources and industrial relations, his uncompromising focus on quality improvement and production optimisation, and his constant search for methods to advance overall efficiency and production levels, William is set to remain a key contributor to the future and continued growth of Falcon Smelters.



We believe that being open to creative and entrepreneurial ideas which lead to technological solutions, strengthens our work. We strive for innovative approaches and continuous improvement by promoting, sharing and accepting inventive ideas.


We believe excellence is when we demand more of ourselves than our clients do. We do not only want to offer better, but every decision we make is tailored to provide our clients the best experience with our company.



We aspire to make a positive and sustainable impact in South Africa. We will achieve this by working with local communities to improve and sustain their standard of living. Furthermore, we believe that education is key to uplifting communities and turning the economy around.


We are a quality workforce which obtains the best results in the least wasteful way.


We believe in implementing stringent Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) policies to ensure that the company complies with all relevant legislation. We are committed to continual improvement of safety performance, taking heed of equipment design, and the application of simple and clear safety management systems. We believe that all injuries are preventable, and this will be achieved by ensuring that all employees are equipped to implement safety procedures at all times.


We invest in the environment by recycling our process by-products and giving them a new purpose.

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