We are at the forefront of innovation and customer support

Falcon Smelters (Pty) Ltd. is a transformed entity operating as a secondary smelter, which supplies a wide range of primary and secondary based aluminium alloys.

The company was established in 1987 and supplies aluminium alloys that meet standards of international manufacturers of original automotive parts and equipment.

Falcon Smelters (Pty) Ltd. is the sole producer and supplier of aluminium wheel rim alloy in South Africa.

Over the past three decades, Falcon has been proven to be a strategic supplier of the highest quality alloys to the local and international market.

Through close collaboration with its customers, Falcon has developed and refined alloys to exact customer needs and specifications, assisting our customers to reach and exceed their goals.


Our mission is to develop our facilities and capabilities to ensure continued supply of products that meet specific customer needs and to continuously improve and add value to our customers’ aluminium supply chain.

Our vision is to be the preferred and most reliable supplier of aluminium alloys and associated products to local and international markets.


With more and more industries looking to aluminium as a lightweight, durable and flexible raw material of choice, the industry has grown exponentially over the last decade and continues to grow at an incredible rate. Falcon is at the forefront of innovation and customer support, ensuring maximum efficiency in the aluminium supply chain.

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